Thursday, 16 February 2012


Drawn to DarknessTital:Drawn to Darkness
Author: Maxine Marsh
Date Published: 7th November 2011

Description:  Margaret, a servant in a sinister manor in the English countryside, suspects there is more to her employer than meets the eye. Haunted by the mysterious legacy of the Delaronde family and their cursed estate, Margaret finds herself increasingly drawn to the diabolical and enticing menace that seems always lurking just out of sight. What are the secrets that Mr. Delaronde keeps, and why does the ancient history of his heritage seem to ignite her darkest desires?

Review:  This book is mainly  about  a servant girl set in the old times, it explains about a book she found and the strange feelings she had after reading it and why she had to steel her masters spirits to help he deal with how it made her feel.  This book contains  lots of sex scenes that had her heart racing. The girl gets found out for steeling the spirits and ends up getting a beating for it while getting the beating she starts getting turned on and she sees that her master is watching all so getting turned on by the beating. then later in the book the girl has to deliver tea to her master and the girl finds her master is more then meets the eye and things end up heating up.

Hmmmm I'm not to sure this book was for me, I just  couldn't get in to it. it was a little to dark for me. I think so much more could of been done with this book by making it a little bit longer and with some more details. I do think that the idea for the characters was a good one and I was intrigued about the  story behind Mr Delaronde past.I'm gonna say I know some of you will like this book and not to let my opinion put you off because  we are all diferent and like different things.


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