Thursday, 1 December 2011


Hey guys as you know for a while on a thursday, im going to be handing my blog over to the authors. So if they have anything they need to tell you then this will be there chance. There will all so be  some giveaway/character interviews and even some interviews with the authors them selves. So keep ya eyes peeled this could be really interesting.

So this week Im handing over my blog to Joseph beekman and here is what he has had to say.

A graduate in fine arts from the University of Arizona (1994), Joseph writes books and screenplays, and is an avid supporter of animal rescue and protection. He is an avid fan of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and mythology, as well as a big fan of history, music, and the arts. Two books authored by Joseph Beekman are "A Tail Spun" -(self-published, available at Amazon books); and "Little Orphan Anvil" - (World Castle Publishing - released October 17th, 2011.) Both fantasy/science fiction based novellas. Also available is a self-published, short collection of poems titled "Shades of Fate". Joseph currently lives in the "Wild West" of Arizona.

Little Orphan Anvil


A tale of an orphaned robot and its journey to help save a realm from the rule of

an evil witch. When the Land of Iron and Anvil is brought to ruin by a wicked storm, the

robot becomes lost in the wilds of the lands. But after being discovered by a little boy

and his dog, the robot is reunited with its creator and together they set off to the Land of

Shadows to free a group of orphans from the dark magic of the witch…and save an entire

realm from her rule!

Now backto me, now I do have this book to read and review, so watch this space to see what I have to say about it. If you want to know more about Joseph then please click the links below.






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  1. Thank you so much for the spot on your blog!! Looks really great! :) - Joseph