Friday, 25 November 2011


Title: Plentiful Package
Author: Melissa Craig
Series: Sinply Breathtaking
Date Published: 23rd October 2011
Plentiful Package (Simply Breathtaking Series)

Description:  A sexually deprived boss and her HOT sexy Australian kite surf instructor -Andy Zuco.

Andy is saucy, delicious and driving Jenna crazy with her sexual cravings. Set on a beautiful island in the Great Barrier Reef. Makes it hard not to be captivated by his hard six pack abs everyday.

She catches him having sex while on duty, instantly sending tingles radiating throughout her body. She is hungry for him. Her endorphins want to be devoured. The thrill of being caught excites her, until their gazes collide.

Jenna is torn between being his boss or personal play toy. Find out how Jenna deals with Andy and his hard sculptured body. Will she succumb to satisfying her wildest of dreams with the ultimate ladies  man


 This book is a hot and steamy  book that I'm sure all of you will love. Its Melissa Craig's first book and may I add a wonderful one at that.

Jenna had Known Andy for a short time but with spending all most every day with him she has grown to have a bond with him.both only children both felt as if they had a lot in common. Andy had problems with his dad and that made him have little confidence in him self so Jenna made it her mission to help him build his confidence and go for the future he wants. but as things go on, there  relationship develops and so does the heat that becomes between the two of them.

This  book is not for the under aged or the faint hearted, I think this book is one hot read, so erotic it makes ya panties wet and dripping.  If this is the kind of  reaction you like getting out of a book then I really think you should give this one a try. I promise you it will make your pulse race and heart quickening and leave every nerve ending wishing hey belonged to Jenna.

Well done Melissa an amazing read and I cant wait for the next in the series to see how you make me react next time.




  1. Thanks babe, glad it left your panties wet and dripping. Hehe. Yay! 4 stars. Mwah

  2. Sounds like a winner to me. Is this by chance an Aussie author??? Love my fellow Aussies.

    Great review!

  3. Yes I am Australian author and it's set on an island in The Great Barrier Reef, the men are all hot sexy, delicious, taste worthy Australians. Yum

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