Saturday, 19 November 2011


Well on facebook the other day I asked for some brave people to answer 10 Random Questions. I was so shocked at how many people wanted to put there life in my hands and answer what ever I asked them. Now I made sure they understood that I could ask anything that popped into my head lol. so here we have my next brave person to answer a set of my random questions.

So today the brave person dealing with my randomness is  Arianne Cruz  and here is telling us about about himself before I ask him his questions.

I love to read YA and romance novels. I am an actor and currently rehearsing for two shows in December. I also love blogging :) I am a senior in college and hoping to graduate very soon.

So now its time for Arianne to take the plunge and answer my questions. :))

These are interesting and daring questions! Haha :)

What is the worst thing someone has ever done to you?
Hmm, this is hard. I would say anyone that has hurt me emotionally is the worst. People who said mean things to me and hurt my family are the worst thing people have done to me.
 I really do think I agree with you. What is the first thing you notice about people?
I notice their attitude. I always try to determine whether they are friendly or if they have "issues" first. That way, I can gauge what to do around them. Friendly = I talk to them. "Issues" = I stay away!! 

Wow we do have a lot in common. Now what kind of people do you like?

Intelligent but friendly and humble people, also professional people. I dont like people that curse too much, too negative, or have no ambitions in my life what so ever.

What two things could you not  do as a child, but you can now?.

I can make decisions on my own and buy things on my own without asking my mom first :) I also dont have to put up with anyone when I can't stand them.

Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why?

Can I list people too?
-Pot smokers - I just don't have any good opinion on such
-Alcoholic Drinks - I dont like people getting wasted over them.
- Body oder - I cannot stand people that are not hygienic. It baffles me how they can even stand themselves
Have you ever picked your nose, if so did you flick or eat it?

Oh my gosh, really? When I was a kid, I would just flick it. People really ate them??? Ew.

Tell me about the worst punishment you had when you were a child?

I've never been punished nor grounded. I was already 14 years old when I immigrated to the U.S. so my parents didnt have the chance to raise me the American way.

All your life you parents have taught you. What have you taught your parents?.

I can only hope that I've  thought my parents to be better people and to communicate better.

Everybody worries about something. what do you worry about and why?

I worry about the silliest things. I worry about animals approaching me (any animal).I worry about people saying crappy things  about me. I worry about failing.I worry about running out of makeup. I worry about running into my ex with his new gf. I worry about what i'm going to eat for dinner. Can you tell i'm a worrier?:)Why because i'm a baby when it comes to animals. I dont like people having a bad opinion of me. I dont like to fail.I dont like to leave the house makeup - free. Running into an ex is just awkward,Much more if they're with a new fling. I dont like cooking so I always worry what's for dinner

What was your cheapest date you have ever been on?.

Oh my gosh,Ive only had one boyfriend but let me tell you, we;ve been on cheap dates 90% of the time. I didnt mind if he didnt start all imprssive with money from the start, but he did. Then he went cheaper and cheaper after that. oh .okay im getting sideracked. What you consider a date, first of all? I think the cheapest date would be when I asked him out to go to the botaanical gardens... we definitly didn't pay anything, but we had fun!:) Those were the good times...



  1. Ah, youth! I do miss it so. I knew she was a sweetie. She gives me hope for this generation.

  2. Iknow theres not many like her now .xx