Sunday, 25 September 2011

GUEST POST BY Monique O'Connor James

Well today guys I'm handing my blog over to Monique , she writes young adult books and i thought you guys should hear about her amazing books. So enough from me ill hand you over to Monique  to hear what she has to say.

Susie thanks for inviting me to your blog to talk about my upcoming projects! I’m honored to talk to your readers.

I’ll start off with the project I’m most excited about these days. Jamais Vu will be out within the next two weeks. I’m waiting on the galleys and once they are approved we will have a firm date! Here is the blurb:
A gunshot thrusts Darby Lambert into a near-death experience and changes everything. The “man in white light”, orders her back, to the land of the living, with a cryptic message about saving “them”. Plagued with dreams of demons, nurses, and rock stars, Darby questions her entire existence.
What is God’s plan?
Who was she before?
Why has He chosen her?
Can she erase the horrors of “their” lives?
Does she have the courage to rectify her own sins?
Given the chance…could you erase it all?
If that wasn’t enough of a teaser for you, you can hear the first chapter on podcast at! The day of the release we are going to post the second chapter, because we have gotten such a great response. That beautiful voice is not mine, but Marissa Rabalais Turner’s of Turner House Productions by the way. I had too much southern twang to pull it off!
A little insight into Jamais Vu: When I was two my mother accidentally shot herself while playing with a gun she thought was unloaded. I grew up hearing the story and decided to put a bit of a paranormal spin on it. If you like HOT rock stars and Louisiana, you’ll love this story.
The follow up to Jamais Vu, Déjà vu has already been contracted and I am in the final stages of the preedits. It will be the next release after Jamais Vu. For all the fans of The Keepers, I am about finished with the sequel, The Watchers. It will probably be out sometime next year. Just a tease – this story is about Blake and Lathan!
Not only do I have a couple of new stories keeping my brain spinning, but I still have five completed manuscripts to get out to publishers. The next couple of years should be busy and full of paranormal fun!
Please feel free to follow me on twitter: mjames13; and on my author page at
If you’d like to check out The Keepers or my short story The Mulligan Man they are available at all major retailer’s websites and A portion of the proceeds from all my books goes to breast cancer research. Oh and they are currently on sale so check them out!!!
Thanks again Susie for letting me share my upcoming projects!
Cheers Everyone,
Monique O’Connor James


OK back to me lol. i just want to say thank you to Monique for stopping and taking the time to talk to us. :).


  1. Great post,I'll be looking forward to checking it out:)

  2. I'm game. Thanks for the post :-)

  3. Thanks so much for having me! I feel so priveledged! Ya'll rock! :D

  4. thanks for stopping by people. Monique it was pleasure having you.

  5. After reading this post, I'm intrigued by this author. I love reading up on authors I didn't know about, thanks Monique for a small sneak peak of what books you've written. Sounds captivating ;)

  6. @elena Thanks so much - good to hear from prospective fans :D