Saturday, 30 July 2011


Right guys, i have a list of Authors who have agreed to help out in my auction. 

Rue Volley - ebook.
Jason  Miller - ebook
Kallysten - ebook
Bonnie (leanore) Elliott- ebooks
Laura Stamp- ebook
Laurie Raab Hunsaker - ebook
Devyn Dawson - Ebook
Jenna Armour Pridgen- 1 signed paper back. 3 signed book marks
Lisa Darling-  1 Tshirt, 1 mug, 1 signed paper back
Debbie Mazzuca- 2 signed books
Diana Cosby- a signed book and book mark
Alexis Morgan - 2 signed books.
Satin Sue - Satin Sue book mark, Lara Adrian book marks.
PW - Bookmarks

These are the authors that have agreed to take part but I'm still waiting to here from others so I'm hoping that by next week the list will of grown a little bit because this little girl needs all the help she can get. so if any of you guys know any authors that might take part, please  send me there emails, or pass mine on to them. . any kind of help  we will be grateful for.

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