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Ok guys this is going to be the last Blogger answers questions, So i hope you enjoy it. This week im going to be talking to sarah from  IM LOVING BOOKS

I'm Loving ♥ Books         I'm Loving ♥ Books

Who is your fav book guy, and why?

Hmm...this is a hard one! I love so many book guys and they love me too. ;) But, it's kind of a toss up right now. Normally I would say hands down Bones from the Night Huntress series, and he will probably always hold the "my man not yours" title for me. But, I just got done reading Archangel's Consort and after that book Raphael has really managed to plow to the top of my favorite males list as well. :)

Why do you do your blog?

Well, as you know, I've been on Goodreads for awhile (since 2009 or so). I really started writing reviews there because I wanted to remember what I liked about certain books and also just to keep track of what books I had read. But as time went by I realized I loved more than just writing reviews, I loved talking about the books I love! So, I thought it'd be a great outlet to not only put my reviews, but to ramble about other bookish things, and of course my favorite books. I've also met a lot of new friends in the book blogging world. So I'm very happy I made the leap! :)

What's been the best post you have ever done?

My favorite posts are mostly writing reviews. I really love letting it all spill out after I've read a book. But, I have to say my favorite post in general was probably my Reading Books We Don't Like post. I got a lot off my chest in that one and it was nice to hear about other people in the same boat. Writing it and hearing the feedback I got also kind of pushed me to force myself to put down a series if I'm not enjoying it and moving on to all the other wonderful books out there just waiting for me to dive into!

If you could take any one for dinner who would it be? (please say me lol)

Of course it'd be you! It would seriously be pretty cool to go out for dinner and drinks with all my Goodreads and book blog friends. That would be some party! I would love it. This is a hard question though because if we're talking about celebs, I would have to pick either Jake Gyllenhaal or Gerard Butler. But...if we're talking book characters, I would probably pick Bones. Or maybe I'd let him have ME for dinner. ;)

Which is your fav blog ever?

As far as book blogs go, I really love so many, but if I had to pick my favorite I'd probably pick Fiction Vixen. I love her reviews and layout and everything. But, I'm kind of a cheater too, because I love decorating and diy as well, and so I pretty much stop by my two favorite decor blogs, Young House Love and Centsational Girl, every day.


Well guys there you have it, id like to say thank you to sarah for taking the time to talk  to me. :)

I'm Loving ♥ Books         I'm Loving ♥ Books

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