Friday, 10 June 2011


Well   Ladies I'm going to be interviewing Erin  Jamison
She is the Author of  Better Then 8  Fantasy. Here's what she had to say.

SATIN, So I was just wondering if there were any Books/Authors that influenced your writing, made you think wow, this is what I wanna do....

 ERIN ,I am influenced all the time by authors I like to read like Shiloh Walker, Kallysten, JR Ward just to name a few. Truth be told though, it wasn't until after I read Twilight and I saw an interview by Stephanie Meyer that I felt like I might be able to write a story of my very own. When she said the idea for the book came from a dream about the meadow, I thought I could do that.

SATIN, I know most of us have days where our brains don’t work right, some more then others *cough* *me* *cough.*
And I’m sure it’s the same for you sometimes, so do you ever experience writer’s block, and what do you do to pull yourself out of it....

ERIN,I do experience writers block. I worked on other parts of the story that I knew and went and backfilled the places where I had left holes. I'm going to try a new tactic with the next book however. When I get stuck, I'll work on another story and write until I become stuck in that one. It will give me time to think about the dilema of why I was stuck in the first place.

SATIN, Has there been any thing you have written that you really didn’t like, anything that just didn’t feel right....

ERIN , Yes. Not in this book but I have another story. It was the first story that I tried my hand at when I was serious about writing. I kept trying to turn the characters into something and the more I tried....I just found myself lost as far as where to take the story. Needless to say that story is still a work in progress. Hopefully those characters will see the light of day some day.

SATIN ,  now all my sexy ladies would love to know more about your book.. has this book been as popular as you had hope. how did you come up with the idea for this.

ERIN, For those that have read it, everyone loves the concept of the book and the comraderie among the women. There have been a lot of firsts as far as this being my first project out the gate. I've learned that when I was trying my hand at writing, I should have been blogging and building a readership. So I have the challenge of gaining an audience and getting the book out there to be seen. Bloggers like yourself are helping me attack both sides of the issue.

Believe it or not...the idea for the story came from my own experience, at least partially. The rest is pure fiction. There is a website out there for well endowed men called The site is just how Amara describes it in the book....normal. I talked to a guy online for months and just like Seva, he never called. We still talk and he's been quite supportive of this project.

SATIN,   OK i know loads of ladies out there that are trying to get in to writing their own books. Have you got any tips for them, to help them on their way. 

 ERIN, Gosh. I have really learned so much. I guess the best advice I can give is to outline your story. If you can see the it from an high level view, you can develop the details. I live in my had so I actually contemplate different scenarios in my head. When I think I have a viable concept that is when I write it down or attempt to. At the end I read through it and ask myself honestly if it would be a story I would like to read. Don't be too nice to yourself and don't be too harsh. Just be honest. Use a critique group or another author to read your stuff. Try to Bunche it off at least 3-4 people so you can get different reactions. Sometimes you can spend too much time with a story and gloss over flaws that would be glaring to someone else.

ERIN, There are options available to authors these days. Decide whether you want to pursue traditional publishing or if you're ready to take up the challenge of self publishing. Regardless of what path you take, publishers expect you to have a presence and/or readership online already. It is work but hopefully it will be a labor of love.

SATIN,  I'm going to ask you this, because my ladies love to know the answer to this one, who is your favourite book guy and why. it can be out of your book or out of any other..

ERIN, I have to say, I love Sevastien from Better Than 8 Fantasy. He's pretty close to a ten...(smile, giggle)...pun intended. I'm not usually one for cornrows but that eight pack set of abs he's got and that swimmers physique is a work out I could get into. :p

SATIN,  OK I'm going to  ask you a random question because I'm a random kinda person. what have you got in your fridge Right now. lol.
Hang on wait a minute, let me check. White wine, sliced strawberries sprinkled with sugar, whip know...all the makings for a sundae.

ERIN,  I  want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me , is there anything you like to say to my followers.


  1. Great interviews ladies!! Erin, you're a girl after my own heart... I'm in love with Kally too. LOL. I cant wait to get my hands on your book, it sounds amazing ;)

  2. Great interview! Now I need to go out and get strawberries Erin!