Thursday, 9 June 2011


Ok so you have seen me interview authors and models, well now its your turn, im going to be interviewing my fellow bloggers, find out what makes you tick.

The second of my Blogger interviews is with  Jodie


satin-, who is your fav book guy and why?.

JODIE- Gees, that’s a really, really extremely hard question. I went through high school crushing on a different fella every week and it’s the same with my books.
But to narrow it down a little, I’m a big fan of the rough n tough, muscled up, overly protective, “I’ll die for my woman” kinda guys, but they also have to have a good dose of sarcasm. So your Black Dagger Brotherhood Vamps, Gena Showalters Lords of the Underworld, Kresley Cole’s Immortals Afer Dark men and at the moment I have a particular crush on Zach from Pamela Clare’s Breaking Point.  

SATIN- why do you do your blog?

JODIE - For a bit of a laugh. It’s good to have an outlet from my orderly mummy lifestyle.SATIN  whats been the best post you have ever done

 JODIE-  Gees, none of my posts have been stand outs, but the one I enjoyed the most was my Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning post because I found a hilariously funny video to post with it.

SATIN  if you could take any one for dinner who would it be, ( please say me lol)

  JODIE- Susie your questions are too hard!!! Ok, I’ll give you my dirty wench answer – Raffaello Balzo (Annie will be jealous as hell) and i’m not quite sure if he even speaks English, so i’m thinking there would be less time at the dinner table and more time back in a hotel room.....A more realistic answer would probably be Pamela Clare, that lady rocks my socks and I would love to spend some time with her. I would also love to have a girls night out with all my online ladies – we would definitely shut the city down!! It would be scary fun.

SATIN-  which is your fav blog ever

 JODIE- I honestly don’t get a lot of time to blog surf, but the one I love at the moment is Under The Covers I know I can always get a good peep show there, the reviews rock, I love the ladies and even the colour scheme includes all my favs. I lurve it!!


YAY!!!! so that was what Jodie had to say, I love this chick and im sure you guys will to.. Go check out her blog because her and the other girls hae done an amazing job...


  1. Great Q&A guys! I knew you would somehow sneak Rafreallo into the interview Jodie!

  2. Great interview! You gals rock! :)

  3. What can I say - he's always on my mind.
    Don't tell my husband

  4. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! This interview is awesome! Here's my reaction as I read this:

    Q1: "Omg BDB! OMG LOTU! OMG ZACCCCH!! <3"
    Q2: "Jodie is a sexy mummy!"
    Q3: "Need to check that post out!"
    Q4: "BALZO? *thud* Why didn't I think of that??? I am jealous as hell, LOL! And then Pamela Clare?!? YES YES! She's so awesome! I love her! Sweetest person on earth!"
    Q5: "Awwwww, Jodie! You're too sweet! I love ya! *hugs*

    Great interview ladies!! Lova ya both!!!!


  5. Great interview!!!1 If you have that dinner with Pamela, I'd love to come along. She is simply AMAZING!

  6. That was cool ladies!! These wee interviews are fun ;)