Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Shattered Glass (Austra Family, #1)

Title: Shattered Glass
Author: Elaine Berstrom
Series: Austa Family #1
Date Pubished: June 1st 2011

Description: Vampire Stephen Austra, a talented artist renowned for his wondrous restorations of stained glass, is one of a new breed of modern vampires. He doesn't need to hunt, respects human life, and would never hurt a soul. But a series of appalling murders makes his lover, Helen, question her faith in him.

Review:  It starts with Helen sitting on a proch late at night, while sitting there she see's  someone moving into the house next door, she cant help but watch and stare. Her new nieghbour is the very sexy vamp  Steven. the atraction between the two comes straight away. But Helen couldnt understand why he was moving in so late at night.  Dick is Helens uncle and is  investigating a murder, a murder which in time Steven will get the blame for... I wont tell you how things work out because you will want to take a look for your  selves. .  The story line for this was really good  But  the story jumped at times and i found it hard to follow, but maybe that was just me  being me. I  liked the way  Steven and Helen were together. i thought it was so romantic. I dont think this story was for me but i do know some of you ladies will really like it.

Rating of  2 lips


  1. It sounds like a good enough read, I'll check it out later ;)

  2. Was this the book that you were talking about? The one where you were having difficulty reviewing it?