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Ok ladies, the time  is here   the very sexy, hot and drool worthy  Andrei  Claude  He is an Italian model/actor who began modeling professionally in 2001 in California. In 2005 Andrei's manager introduced him to the wonderful world of Romance novels and he went on to star in many a dream of us lucky readers. And surprise surprise he was crowned 'Mr. Romance ' within the year our gorgeous Italian was snapped up by a film maker and cast in several independent movies. 
 My BFF  Kiki - Madame D's Boudoir  had  him as her hunk of   the   week. pop on over and check her  sexy pics..

SATIN- Wow I’m so excited to be talking with you. Can you tell me how you got in to

modeling for book covers and is there any us ladies are likely to of read / seen. Is
there any you enjoyed doing more than others?

ANDREI-   Well, I got into book cover modeling purely by chance. In 2005 my manager
decided I should attend an event in St. Louis, MO called the Romantic Times
Convention, where they held the Mr. Romance contest and that’s how it all
started. I haven’t done covers for a while now, so you’d probably only be able to
come across the ones I did over the last couple of years in Barnes & Noble,
Amazon etc…

SATIN- So I know you do the modeling but I’ve seen on your website that you have
done a bit of acting as well, and what do you like doing best, acting or modeling.

ANDREI - I began modeling ten years ago. Fitness modeling in LA was actually how I got
started, then I went on to fashion in Milan and eventually romance novel covers
in New York. During my stay in New York I was approached to do some film
acting which I never really took quite seriously, however, over this last year I
have decided to take that route and step aside from the world of modeling.
These days of course I would have to say I like acting better, since it’s fresh,
but I find it a lot more challenging which I enjoy. I’m also interested in producing,
so I recently (over the last two months) wrote and produced my own film. We
have just launched the trailer:   
and the film   will be released on May  30  th 2011.

SATIN-Now I heard about you winning Mr. Romance 2005 congrats for that, I bet it
was amazing to win. How did it feel to win something like that, have you won
anything else since then?

ANDREI-  Considering I was the outsider (the only non American) in the show it was
interesting to walk away with the title of Mr. Romance. Also, it was all so new
to me. I didn’t know such a thing as a romance novel industry even existed. No,
I haven’t competed in anything else since then.

SATIN -Ok so I’ve seen from your pictures that you are really buff lol… do you have
many women falling at your feet and swooning over you (apart from me of
course) lol... and have you ever had attention off women that you didn’t want..
How do you deal with it when this happens….ok wow that was a long one lol...

ANDREI -Personally I don’t really feel that way, I consider myself to be athletic rather
than buff. But of course that’s open to different interpretation. Women falling
at my feet? Perhaps when they’re really drunk : )
Well, of course I’m sure everyone experiences unwanted attention sometimes,
but you just have to find a subtle way of dodging it.

SATIN-  When you’re not busy working how do you like to spend your free time?

ANDREI-It really depends on the weather, especially here in London. If the sun is
shinning I just want to be out, wherever really. I always enjoy watching good
movies and going out with friends.

SATIN-   Ok I all way ask a random question because I’m a totally random person lol…..
If you could star in any film what would it be and would you be a bad guy or a
good guy?

ANDREI-  I would probably choose a historical epic, maybe something like Braveheart.
Although I do have a soft spot for semi automatic guns and very modern
settings as well.

SATIN-   Thanks again for taking time to talk to me; I know you must be very busy, I know
my ladies are going to be swooning as they read this.. Are there any last words
you would like to share with my sexy followers?

ANDREI-  Well, your sexy followers can follow me on twitter :
Andrei - Twitter    and become my followers too innit : )

well  i want to thank Andrei for taking the time to talk with us, all so he has agreed to give one of my sexy followers a signed photo, if you would like one of these all you have to do, is be a follower and  leave a comment...  thanks loads  *kiss*


  1. WOW!!! Great Interview babes. And thanks for stopping by Andrei you gorgeous man ;)

  2. lol, he is really hunkalishuos

  3. Great interview Sue! I totally think he should do more book covers! That'd be awesome. :)

    ~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books

  4. i think so to sarah, he is so yummy..

  5. Fantastic interview!! I think he'd be perfect in a historical movie!!

    Great job, babe! xoxo

  6. thanks chick, thanks for stopping by

  7. So you mean to tell me that this sexy nummieness of a man got his start in romance novels right HERE!! In My town?? *fistpumps* Hells yes to the STL...funny thing is I don't even really like St. Louis but it is starting to look better now;)

    Sweet interview Sue!!

    Oh yea and I sent Greta to your blog last night....I think she passed out and hit her head on her keyboard! LMAO

    She is looking for a pick of what she 'thinks' Lothaire looks like from the IAD series...I tolf her to look at your blog bc it is full of sexy;)

  8. lol, thank you babes, glad you guys like my blog, and thanks for stopping by....

  9. Oh isn't he just the nicest person in the whole world? we interviewed him at demonlovers and he was soo great to talk to...that accent is to die for!

    Great interview! I love him-I'll have to post some of his covers-they're some of the better ones out there.

  10. he really floats m boat chick lol..

  11. Great interview my dear! I watched some clips from this years RT convention were they showed some of the Mr Romance contestants. They were yumalicious! What a great place to be noticed. Such a wonderful jump start to a career!

  12. thanks for stoppng by megan.... *kiss*

  13. Hot! Hot! love it!! I'm a new follower from goodreads, I'm following you on google and networwoked blogs.

  14. thanks chick, ill make sure to check you out..