Friday, 6 May 2011


Ok, today I'm gonna change the subject from books and hot guys to talk about something all women should think about.  Breast cancer , Iv been asked to make you ladies  aware of some of the websites   you can use to find help and support, if you have breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care provides information, practical assistance and emotional support for anyone affected by breast cancer. Contact the nurse or talk to other women on the forums.
Macmillan Cancer Supportand Cancerbackup have joined forces to provide information and support to people affected by any kind of cancer. They also give help to people living with cancer through practical and emotional support. Grants are available to help with the costs associated with cancer, they have a national helpline and can supply information and booklets covering a wide range of subjects of interest to people with cancer.
CancerHelp UK is part of Cancer Research UK and has lots of information about breast cancer.
Look Good Feel Better offers professionally run beauty workshops in hospitals (Leicester Royal Infirmary is the nearest) for women living with cancer.

This is just a small about of places where you can get help if its needed.  I think all us women should think about how many of us are affected with breast cancer and should help as much as we can....if any of you guys have a blog, why don't you do your own little peace for breast cancer and help people become aware  of how   much help there is out there....

inflammatory breast cancer symptoms

Inflammatory breast cancer is one of powerful of all these kinds of cancers where a tumor has multiplied on the breast, or inside the mammary lymph nodes, which is located underneath the breast right below the ribs, in the core of upper body). This can be a very rare yet very severe, intrusive kind of cancer.

so you see ladies there isnt just one kind of breast cancer, so I think more of us should take it more  serious.  so if you think you find a lump and your not sure what it is, go get it checked out..And ladies if you can help in any way raise money for cancer research   then  i think you should.

If you buy anything with this on it then you are  giving money towards breast cancer and most of the time they dont cost very much, so ladies be on the look out....


  1. I check myself out regularly babes. Someone close to me died from breast cancer and she was only 21yrs old. It's a terrible thing and I support the cause any way I can.

  2. thanks for stopping by babes....i think more women should do more to help...

  3. Great post. There can never be too much awareness when it comes to this. My husband's mom died of breast cancer when he was just 5.

  4. i think most people have heard of someone who has died from it, so i think its a good think we all do our bit...

  5. Inflammatory breast cancer is the place cancer cells block the lymph glands within the skin of the breast. It’s known as inflammatory breast cancer usually becomes red, warm, and swollen, and also the problem can be easily mistaken for any breast infection.