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The Gathering (Night Breeds, #2)Title:The Gathering
Author: Lily  Graison
Series: Midnight Breed
Date Published: 7th April 2011

Description:    Night Breeds Book 2 - Sequel to, The Calling

THE CALLING changed Rayna Ford’s life forever, now in THE GATHERING, she will find out what she's truly become.

Rayna Ford didn’t believe in monsters, until she became one herself. As a newly turned werewolf awaiting her first shift, Rayna puts all her trust in Garrett Kincaid, the man who accidentally infected her and changed her life forever. But when old enemies resurface and take her from the one man who vowed to protect her, Rayna must face her fears alone.

The Collective, the Breed leaders of all the preternatural species, haven’t abandoned the dream of announcing their presence to the world and they still want Rayna to be the one who integrate them into human society. Her only chance at survival is to reveal the secret the breed leaders want her to show the world, but in doing so, she may alienate the very creatures she wants to protect and endanger her own life in the process.

The Gathering is approximately 75,000 words and is a sequel to Lily Graison’s novel, The Calling


   Now what to say about this book, well other then I loved it. its one of the best books out this year so far. its fun exciting and very dangerous. Lily has made the supernatural world come to life in this wonderful book full of vampires and shifters (lion,werewolfs ect..) A war in the world of the supernatural brings some of the most unusual creatures together. To fight for what they think is right. I love this book and i really do love the characters in it....

Garrett, well I fell in love with this guy as soon as i read the book, I'm here by staking my claim to him, so all you girls (you know who you are) he's's strong,and kind but has a very dark side, in this book he finds it hard to keep the wolf under control, all because his mate has been taken.he will do anything to get her back and in to his arms safe and sound. He is willing to risk his own life to make sure Rayna is safe...I love the way Lily describes the way he changes from man to beast. She goes into great detail and you can see it happening.

Rayna I loved her in this book, she really came into her own, she stood her ground and fought for what she wanted. Which would be Garrett lol. Rayna gets taken by a group of supernatural people because they want to tell the world they are real and they want to use Rayna to do it.. But Rayna finds out how much her mate and her pack loves her because they all band together to save her, in the mean time Rayna takes down the mega Bitch Carmen (who wants to take Garrett away from Rayna)..

We all so get to meet loads more interesting characters in this story, Bryce,Sabriel,Judith and many more.In this book we learn a little about all the others and its going to lead on to Bryces story which I cant wait for..I really think you guys should go out and by this book. Its fun and exciting and it will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.There is never a moment in this book which is slow, I Guarantee the you will not get board, you will all love the relationship between Garrett and Rayna because its hot and steamy, you can tell they both have this big passion for each other that they only just keep under control...Again Lily my hat goes off to you, another great peace of work, and I'm so looking forward to the next book.. I'm sure I'm going to have the shakes waiting for it to come out, lol...

(id give it more stars if I rated books differently)

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