Monday, 25 April 2011


Title: Sugar Daddy
Author: Lisa kleypas
Series:  Travises #1
Sugar Daddy (Travises, #1)Date published: March 6th 2007  

Description:   Lisa Kleypas has enthralled millions of readers with her powerfully seductive novels. Now she delivers a story featuring her most unforgettable characters yet....

SHE’S FROM THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKSLiberty Jones has dreams and determination that will take her far away from Welcome, Texas---if she can keep her wild heart from ruling her mind. Hardy Cates sees Liberty as completely off-limits. His own ambitions are bigger than Welcome, and Liberty Jones is a complication he doesn’t need. But something magical and potent draws them to each other, in a dangerous attraction that is stronger than both of them.

HE’S THE ONE MAN SHE CAN’T HAVEWhen Hardy leaves town to pursue his plans, Liberty finds herself alone with a young sister to raise. Soon Liberty finds herself under the spell of a billionaire tycoon---a Sugar Daddy, one might say. But the relationship goes deeper than people think, and Liberty begins to discover secrets about her own family’s past.

WILL THEY FIND THEIR HEARTS’ DESIRES OR WILL HEARTBREAK TEAR THEM APART?Two men. One woman. A choice that can make her or break her. A woman you’ll root for every step of the way. A love story you’ll never forget.

Review:   Sugar daddy   is a moving story of a young girl who falls in love with a guy but knows she can never have him…she does everything to push him out of her mind, things like giving her virginity  to someone else. I think   lisa kleypas  explained this really well and I kind of  thought the way it happened is proberbly what most young girls go through.  Liberty and handy both realise they both feel the same way about each other but know  its useless because handy feels he cant  stay in their small town, he feels he has to move on. When  he  finally moves on libertys life changes for the worst.

Her mother   starts dating this man that liberty really doesn’t like, he sells drugs and has an eye for the women, and in the end he turns out to be really nasty, libertys mum then   decides she has had enough of this man and kicks him out. But it doesn’t stop there he goes on to stalking them  and libertys mum ends up dead..libertys life keeps getting worse while she watchs her friends  growing up and having normal lives for kids there age, liberty has to bring up her baby sister.  And she finds life is just too  hard for her to cope with.    She has no way to pay the bills.  But all of a   suden   things start looking up for   liberty   when a   new guy comes into her life.  But this guy isn’t what you think,  he’s a kind man who just wants to look after liberty and her sister, but  his son thinks she is a money   grabber…. How will things work out, I so want to tell you all, but as iv told you so much of the story I better not…….i really think you guys should read this book.  I loved it so much…..AND I will tell you that the sex sceane in this book, was  not just steamy but teaseing as well….you girls will love it.

Like I said it all most made me cry in bits, I don’t get many books I fall in love with so quickly but this book was one of them,  lisa klepas is becoming one of my favourite  authors, iv loved every peace of work of hers iv read.  She knows how to capture  your heart and mind..  you never get board reading her   books…

Im hoping that when I move on to her next book I wont be disappointed because im moving on to it with really high hopes…..

(id give this book more stars if i could)


  1. Glad to see that you loved this one so much, but it is hard to go into the next book with such high expectations :)

  2. does that mean the next books no good.