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Well  today guys I'm going to be interview  Jennifer T Alli.

 Jennifer T Allis bio.

I live in London and as any city dweller will tell you, a fast paced life does not make it easy to find time to write but seeing so much of the world around you does give you inspiration to create characters that are truly human, people that you want to read about because you've fallen in love with them.

I love fantasy and all things paranormal and my stories reflect this, bringing elements of the extraordinary into the lives of my characters. When I write, the sky truly is the limit because in a world crafted by my imagination anything is possible. Isn't that the creed of all romance? If it isn't well it's certainly something I aspire to...even if there are some rather unexpected obstacles in the way but that's just another joy of writing.

SATIN-  Well I'd like to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to chat with little old me. Now for anyone out there who doesn't know who you are, could you tell us a little bit about your self?

JENNY- I’m one of those rare things, a writer from London.  No, I’m sure there are lots of us out there it’s just I haven’t met them yet. I’m touched by a little of that wonderful thing called ‘writer’s madness’ and I love it. It means that I see the world a little differently to others. I’m also a self published author who sadly must work a full time job at university so that does mean I’m capable of feats of time manipulation that will leave you all astounded. No, seriously, you wouldn’t believe how I can make time do what I need it to do. As you can probably guess by now, I also try and make light of everything. What’s life without a bit of fun eh?

SATIN-. Now then, what was the spark behind this book? What inspired you into writing this great piece of work?

JENNY- Would you believe me if I said it was a horse? Not that I’ve ever ridden a horse in my life and I’ve only ever seen one up close once. Let me explain. I was coming to the end of my Love Bites trilogy and I just wondered how people delivered mail in the time before cars. It got me thinking about how far people would have to go to achieve things that we take for granted and I just thought of how hard it would be for two people to communicate if they had to ride horses instead of just picking up a phone. Then the idea came to me to write a book that wasn’t about werewolves, I wanted to switch it up and so the elementals came to me. I had the setting in terms of time, an idea for what paranormal element I wanted my characters to have and by then Sara had made herself known and Lucian followed very swiftly after. It’s near impossible to keep those two apart.

SATIN- What was your favourite part of this book, and did you find any of it really hard to write

JENNY - You’re mean! Do I have to pick just one favourite part? Yes? Fine. If I have to choose one then I’ll go for ‘The Fall of a Lord and the Rise of a King’. After trying to resist temptation for so long Lucian finally caves. It was really fun writing how conflicted Lucian was between his desire and what he’d decided was the best thing for his war but it was even more fun writing how Sara tempted him time and time again to break his vow to himself. The poor man never knew what hit him.

As for what was difficult to write…for me it’s always the end of a book that I don’t like writing. After almost 90,000 words I love my characters. To me that’s the measure of a good book. Do I love them and if I do then the book is ready to go and if I don’t then it’s back to the beginning. If I don’t love them I shouldn’t expect anyone else to. But when you love your characters you don’t want to say goodbye to them. I love and hate writing the end of a book. Obviously the characters that I love get their happily every after which is great but it means I have to say goodbye to them. Thankfully, Kieron and Estraya had made themselves known to me and I knew I was going to have new characters to fall in love with

SATIN- OK from speaking to some of my other author friends, i know some of them have a routine when they are writing. Do you have a routine and can you tell us what it is?

JENNY- Routine? That word suggests time which I never have. I don’t have a routine exactly…I have do whatever I have to so that I’m not driven mad by my characters demanding that I write them. I always carry at least three pens and a book so that if I’m on the go and an idea comes to me I can jot it down. Anywhere my laptop can go it goes. Thankfully I’m an early riser so I try and get some words done when I wake up and on days where I’m not travelling to see my partner or working like a madwoman I try and set myself a word target

SATIN- When writing your books, what normally comes first, the charactors or the idea of the novel?

JENNY-  For me it’s always the characters that come first. They start slowly, just an idea in my head but then they flesh out with their little quirks, their family, their history and once they’ve taken up firm residence in my head they demand their story gets told

SATIN- OK my followers know I like to ask a random questionn, But for you, you lucky girl, you get two. lol.

a, If you could take anyone out for a meal (dead or alive) who would it be and why.

 JENNY- Me? I’d take out the awesome Kresley Cole and make her dish the dirt on the next book in her Immortals after Dark series. I’ve seen the cover for Lothaire and January just can’t come quick enough

b, Ok one of my favourite questions, all the girls who follow me and most of the female authors have a favorite book guy, so do you have a favorite book guy, whether its out of your book or someone else’s.

JENNY- I’m showing my Kresley Cole colours here again. I love Conrad Wroth. He did something I wasn’t sure was possible, he made me prefer a vampire over a werewolf. It won’t happen again but as he did what I thought was impossible I have to love him. Yes, the vampire was certifiably crazy but he was crazy in an adorable way and seeing as I have that incurable disease, Writer’s Madness, I can relate to him. Plus, he was smoking hot!

SATIN- Llastly have you got any thing else you would like to add for my followers

JENNY- Thanks for taking the time to read my mad ramblings. As you can probably tell I love talking about my books and there is a reason. If you want to read about a world where characters come alive then check them out though I do warn you it’s a hell of a journey so brace yourselves. If I didn’t love them then they wouldn’t be out in the world for you to read so here’s hoping you come to love them as much as I do.


There you have it guys, that's what Jennifer had to say, if you like the look of her book then check out the review i did for her.

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